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We have made the shortlist for the Milton Keynes most inspiring preschool/nursery awards 2024!!!!

To be shortlisted  from over 3600 entries is a tremendous achievement, and a testament to all our hard work and dedication. 




Welcome to our Parents Focus Page, we are very excited to introduce this new page to help parents with key activities ideas at home, to support their child's "next steps" of learning. 


This weeks activities have been suggested by Milton Keynes speech and language therapy service to:



 Activity 1: Musical statues: Play some music and get your child to dance around the room. When the music stops your child must stand still. When it starts again they can dance.


Activity 2: Musical instruments: Using instruments or pots and pans, encourage your child to make a noise. When you "stop" they must stop making the noise and start again when you say "go". 


Activity 3: "Who makes that noise?"- Put a set of toy animals or animal pictures in front of your child. Talk about the animals and what noises each of them make. Ask your child "which one goes moo?" etc see if they can show you the right animal. If they are not sure, show them yourself. 


Listening skills promote: Engagement, concentration, social skills, be able to follow instructions, wider communication